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July 25—August 2, 2019

Ministry Objectives

VBS Assistance and Parenting Conference Help

Team Leader

Dale Tschigerl

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Gospel of Grace Community Church
Harrisburg, Virginia
United States

STM Host

Pastor Dmitry Bondaruk

The Gospel of Grace Community Church (GGCC) is a new church plant pastored by Dmitry Bondaruk, a graduate of the Masters’ University (BABC) and the Masters’ Seminary (M.Div.). Dmitry is passionate about expository preaching with an emphasis on the inerrancy of Scripture, Biblical counseling, and reaching the Shenandoah Valley community with the gospel of grace!

GGCC is committed to living out lives that reflect the character of Jesus Christ and serving one another for the building up of the church. As a congregation, GGCC reflects the diversity of Christ’s church. The name reveals both the mission and the purpose of GGCC - to spread the Gospel of Grace in the Valley, so that others would come to faith and experience the transforming work of Christ in their lives. GGCC esteems prayer, preaching, worship, fellowship of believers, and the equipping of believers to live godly lives. We are committed to training men, women, parents, and children to live according to God’s word.

In summer of 2019, we desire to start our Vacation Bible School so that we can reach out to local children and their parents with the gospel. Your partnership for this endeavor will help us serve our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ!