The Blessings of Summer Camp

At Grace Church, Special Ministries summer camps allow us a great opportunity to put truth into practice. Throughout Scripture, we see that Jesus had a special love for the disabled and He faithfully ministered to their needs. Matthew 9:36 says that, “Seeing the people who came to Him for healing, He felt compassion for them.” Christ also desires that we have compassion for people who are hurting, and we as Christians have the privilege of following His example by loving and serving those in our care.

We have been blessed with so many volunteers who have a heart to serve the disabled members of our church. Our drivers, Sunday School teachers, summer camp counselors, Grace on Wheels volunteers, and GRACE Club leaders serve faithfully behind the scenes, some for many years. Like the other ministries on campus, we are deeply thankful to the Lord for bringing us these unique servants with a love for God and service.

Serving at Special Ministries camp is the highlight of my summer. It is a privilege to prepare, plan, and pray for the campers who will join us each year. Every camper is unique and teaches me much about myself as I seek to serve them. I have learned gratitude by hearing “thank you” for a simple gesture; grown in humility as I observe others tirelessly devote their energy to meeting everyday needs; and experienced great joy in watching campers and counselors interact in singing and sharing their lives with one another. Most importantly, I have learned what it means to love by experiencing the campers’ unconditional affection for and acceptance of me, in spite of my shortcomings. —Susan Gibbs, Special Ministries Volunteer

We are also blessed to know that as we give of ourselves for the glory of God, He will use us to bless and encourage others in our church family.

Last year, my son went to Camp Grace for the first time, and I went along to serve, not knowing what to expect. Every detail of the camp was an expression of the love of Christ toward each camper (1 John 3:16). My son has Down Syndrome, and his speech is very difficult to understand; but that didn’t matter to the staff. They genuinely conversed with him, so much that his speech improved over the week. The first night as he lay in his tent, he couldn’t stop laughing. My son loved going to camp; it was the brightest highlight of the year for him and me. At the last night’s campfire, my son prayed for each person by name because they meant so much to him. —Camper’s Mother


If you’re interested in serving at Camp Grace, or would like information about other opportunities to serve in Special Ministries, give us a call at 818-909-5519. We would love to talk with you. We are praying that God will send us servants who are willing to minister to these special people.