Christmas Offering

From the beginning, Christmas has always been a time of great rejoicing, because we celebrate the birth of our Savior. Yet, as Matthew 2:16-18 tells us, the first Christmas was also a time of great sorrow for many parents. In reaction to the birth of the “King of the Jews,” Herod ordered the murder of all children in Bethlehem under two years old. Such disregard and violence toward children was, unfortunately, not uncommon in Roman society, where unwanted infants were often discarded on the doorstep or a trash pile. In fact, Christian societies are unique in seeing children as valuable “gifts of the LORD” (Psalm 127:3). Even today in Communist China and Hindu India, inconvenient children are frequently abandoned or killed.

As Christian influence wanes in our society, the attack on our children flourishes. Our society may soon receive a mercy if Roe v. Wade is overturned, but such a ruling would not outlaw abortion across the country. California lawmakers have been crafting plans for our state to be the abortion capital of the U.S., devoting funds to transport women to our state and pay for the murder of their unborn child. For those who survive the womb, the assault continues in the education system, through the hateful indoctrination of Critical Race Theory and the destructive lies of transgenderism. Amid this all-out war on children, one thing is clear: public school is an increasingly undesirable option for Christian families. Not only are young children inundated with these dangerous lies in the classroom, but many have struggled to receive even a basic education with all of the recent governmental restrictions.

Reflecting on this war on children, the elders of Grace Church see a need to dedicate significant resources to assist our parents in the increasingly challenging task of raising their children in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord.” Thus, following our recent restructuring of Children’s Ministry, our elders have begun creating plans to support our families by providing a school curriculum applicable to various educational contexts, conferences to train parents and educators, a resource center to assist families in finding the best education option for them, and assistance for existing schools in the area, with the eventual possibility of establishing a unique schooling option of our own.

This Christmas, please consider how your family can financially support the education of the children in our church and the Church at large. Your gifts will go toward establishing the infrastructure and personnel necessary to launch these programs, as well as creating a fund to make these resources accessible to all. I thank you in advance for your support as we invest in God’s gift of the next generation.

We wish your family a Merry Christmas!

Love in the truth,

John and Patricia

Special Offering

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