Christmas Offering

One of the comments we hear a lot this time of year is, “The Christmas spirit. We need to have the Christmas spirit.” And of course, we must ask, just what is the Christmas spirit? Is it a festive attitude? Is it the impulse toward generosity and gift giving? Or is it simply a temporary truce between quarreling parties for the holiday season? The world’s evaluation of the Christmas spirit recognizes rightly that there is something transcendent about this time of year, but of course we should not be surprised that the unredeemed enterprise gets it all wrong.

The Gospels tell us that the true spirit of Christmas is worship. All those who encountered Christ at His birth—Elizabeth (Luke 1:41), Zechariah (Luke 1:67), the angels (Luke 2:13), the shepherds (Luke 2:20), Simeon (Luke 2:25), and Anna (Luke 2:36)—embodied the true spirit of Christmas by worshipping the newborn King. They understood that the only proper response to God’s self-giving love in His Son is worship. Grace Church exists for this very same purpose, all year round and in all we do. We wish to see all people everywhere worshipping Christ.

Our missionaries play a vital role in ensuring that mission is accomplished. Through the years, Faith Promise giving, the initiative by which we have encouraged our church to give to the critical work of missions over and above regular giving, has provided vital support for our missionaries around the world. The impact of Faith Promise cannot be overstated, especially given the global state of affairs in recent years. The resources from that fund have allowed some of our missionaries who have chosen to stay behind in war-torn regions of the world to continue training pastors even while delivering life-saving medical support to those in need. We want to ensure that they, and many others whose work remains indispensable in the farthest corners of the world, continue to be supported through Faith Promise.

To that end, we have dedicated this year’s Christmas giving to Faith Promise. Your generosity will bless our missionaries and those whom they so faithfully serve to make Christ known among the nations.

Love in the Truth,

John and Patricia

Special Offering

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