Easter Offering

The Lord has ordained the Christian family as the setting and instrument by which sinners are formed into responsible, righteous people who love the Lord and serve the church. There is a reason that liberal, Marxist groups explicitly attack the family starting with the young—they understand its central role in cultivating Christians who love the truth and live in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

This is why, here at Grace, Children’s Ministry is really Family Ministry. While we are totally dedicated to evangelizing and edifying children, it is also our mission to strengthen parents. From Generations of Grace in Sunday school to Adventure Club to Vacation Bible School and camps, our goal is to offer strong help to parents as they endeavor to build faithful families.

As you know, government interference this past year did not thwart our mission. While thousands of children were locked at home being deprived of school, we were serving 1,000 children every Sunday, 300 kids at VBS, 200 at our children’s winter camp, and tens of thousands more through our Generations of Grace and Ranger Joe resources spread around the world.

Still, the need for excellent biblical instruction on the family continues to grow. When it comes to the family, we cannot afford to simply borrow from psychology with a few Christian restrictions placed on top; we must have a biblically robust understanding of the family. To answer that need, we are dedicating the month of May to preaching and distributing resources centered on the family.

Join me in prayerfully considering a special gift toward sustaining ministry to families in our church and far beyond. Your contributions will help fund Family Month, Vacation Bible School, and the many other avenues of ministry by which we declare the Lord’s truth from this generation to the next (Psalms 145:4).

Thank you for helping us celebrate God’s grand design of the family.

Love in the truth,

 John MacArthur

John MacArthur

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