Summer Letter

If there is anything that sets Grace Church apart, it is our commitment to the supremacy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul spoke of the Gospel as being “of first importance” (1 Corinthians 15:3). That commitment has manifested itself in many ways over the past fifty-plus years of my ministry. The Gospel has dominated our pulpit ministry, where it has been my privilege to expound the person and work of Christ verse by verse. The Gospel has dominated the many book projects that the Lord has led me to undertake over the past few decades. The Master’s Seminary exists to train preachers of the Gospel, so that local churches would be equipped and strengthened.

But our church’s commitment to the supremacy of the Gospel is also uniquely manifested through our Local Outreach ministries. On a regular basis, members of our church family proclaim the Gospel in nearby homeless shelters, in the L.A. County Jail system, outside a local abortion clinic, and by knocking on our neighbors’ doors. In the last several years, members of our outreach teams have shared the Gospel with more than one thousand neighbors, seen babies spared from abortion, and witnessed inmates profess faith in Christ, who, when they are released, have become members of Grace Church and even enrolled in The Master’s Seminary. Just the other day, a member of our church told me how, while he was serving a 15-year sentence, a fellow inmate handed him a MacArthur Study Bible, which the Lord used to grant him repentance.

We also partner with compassion-focused ministries, like Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic, which provides life-affirming healthcare and services to women facing unplanned pregnancies. We rejoice over the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, but we recognize that in California that means that the enemies of righteousness will only redouble their efforts to aid and abet the murder of children. It has never been more important to support sound, Gospel-centered pregnancy clinics like Open Arms. Additionally, our Hands for Hope ministry is a network of families experienced in foster care and adoption, who provide prayer, support, discipleship, and mentorship for those considering serving the many children in our community who need a home. In a society that exposes children to the abuses of hypersexualism, the LGBTQ lobby, and critical race theory-based activism, the adopted children of God should be most eager to provide loving, Gospel-focused homes to those who need them.

Our Local Outreach Department works toward all these ends and more, consistently seeking to shine the light of the life-saving Gospel in the darkest of places. Your gifts to this year’s summer offering will help us in this Gospel work. From training prison chaplains to supporting foster parents, from providing Bibles and tracts to buying diapers for a mother who decided against abortion, your generosity will advance the cause of the Gospel in our community. We appreciate your contribution to the things of first importance.

Until all have heard,

John and Patricia

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