Thanksgiving Offering

All of us at Grace Church are thankful for the Lord’s abundant grace in ways that are beyond anything we can recall. We have seen this during one of the most restrictive times in history. The government has done everything possible to disrupt the church, but the Lord’s faithfulness has overpowered all those efforts.

As our church added new members and sent out new missionaries, we learned once again that the Lord is not limited. In the midst of such lavish blessing, we need to remember that we are only blessed so that we can be a blessing to the world. This Thanksgiving, we have the opportunity to extend the blessing we have enjoyed to our missionaries across the globe. They have endured restrictions and difficulties more challenging than our own, and yet, have persevered. With that in mind, we want to direct our special Thanksgiving Offering toward Faith Promise which will go directly to support these faithful families. Your generous donations to the Faith Promise fund help support our current missionaries, send new ones to the field, sustain our training centers, and meet financial needs for the church planting and training efforts around the world.

In 2021, Grace Ministries International sent six families to the field and hope to send out at least six more families in 2022. In a season when many churches have been meeting irregularly and church members have faced financial difficulties, it has been difficult for missionaries to raise support. Faith Promise has not only provided critical support to enable these families to leave for the field but will provide ongoing support to keep them financially buoyant for their first few years in ministry as they work to replace these funds with local support.

Since 2008, Faith Promise has played an invaluable role in Grace Church’s participation in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18–20). Join us in sharing God’s blessings with dedicated missionary families who depend on Grace Church.

With loving gratitude,

John and Patricia

Special Offering

Give to Thanksgiving 2021