Generations of Grace

At Generations of Grace, we strive to develop biblical curriculum to edify children and adults. Recently, our ministry has expanded dramatically. The demand for new biblical resources from churches across the world has grown, especially in one unique area.

Generations of Grace Streaming

Many of you are familiar with streaming applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. This April, Generations of Grace will launch a streaming application of our own, which will allow us to place original programming on major platforms like Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV, opening a door to new ministry opportunities worldwide.

Since July 2020, our film production team has been working on Ranger Joe season two, which will be finished and available later this year. In addition to Ranger Joe, we have also created shows like Moment of Truth and Teaching Tips that are designed to complement our curriculum. As of this year, we will begin releasing documentaries (Sovereign Story and Understanding), educational shows (Hymnology), and story-based productions that will edify you in your walk with the Lord. Until our application is released in April, all of our shows can be accessed on our website,

In addition to Generations of Grace streaming, we are also excited to share a few updates about our Generations of Grace curriculum.

Generations of Grace Curriculum

The curriculum team has been hard at work finishing the final year of our Adventure Club program. We are excited to announce that we have also begun work on a children’s Bible as well as VBS and Winter Camp curriculum.

For the past twenty years, children have been the sole focus of Generations of Grace, but we are currently working to broaden our range with adult resources like “Parenting for Life.” Our desire is to make all of these resources affordable and easy to use for the 3,500 (and growing) churches and families that use our materials.

As we move forward with our curriculum and streaming work, we would appreciate your prayers.