Training for the Highest Calling

The challenges and threats which the church faces are ever increasing. And as our society continues to veer away from righteousness and truth, the more professing Christians there will be who compromise in order to accommodate society’s desires. For conviction is not a hereditary trait automatically transferred to the next generation. Rather, it must be fostered as individuals come to know the depths and breadth of God’s word.

The Master’s University exists to establish such conviction in the coming generation of believers, so that the church has faithful stewards of the truth, who are obedient to Scripture in every aspect of their lives. For the church needs members in every role and office who are eager to know and proclaim the truth, whether it be in their local-churches, family, or vocation.

And how does TMU do this? By dedicating itself to Christ in all things. At TMU, Christ is not simply a topic to be studied; He is Lord over every discipline, and every thought is to be taken captive to Him. This demands that every student receive a thorough theological foundation in Scripture and doctrine, and that all faculty and staff believe an extensive doctrinal statement and commit themselves to instill a biblical worldview in every student. This also demands that the faculty be experts in their fields, able to prepare and drive students to excel in their disciplines.

The Master’s University has given this holistic biblical education to thousands of students since 1927, and with each passing year the institution devotes itself to a new level of excellence. At TMU, students are equipped for a life of enduring commitment to Christ and Scripture. They are also prepared to step confidently into the workforce or additional education—realities exemplified by a remarkable pass rate on the CPA exam and high acceptance rates to graduate and medical schools.

The recent changes at TMU—which include interim president Dr. Abner Chou, a renovated
campus, and new faculty such as David Crater (M.S., Georgia Tech; Th.M., Harvard) and Dr. Joey Kim (Ph.D., Caltech) helping establish new engineering and computer science programs— all contribute to our excitement and confidence for the coming years at the University.

In a world of folly and deceit, the Church is the pillar of truth. And it is The Master’s University’s passion and duty to train members of Christ’s body for this highest of callings.