Grace Community Church



This track within the Logos Bible Institute is designed to help the believer become better acquainted with the Scriptures that can be utilized in discipling themselves and others. It specifically looks at how to help believers enrich and improve their personal life and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Christians are in the business of stimulating other believers “to love and good deeds” and these courses will equip you to be able to do just that by using practical application of God’s Word.

Level One covers topics concerning the theological basis of discipleship/counseling. The essentials of living out the New Testament “one another’s” will be studied. In this section, a comparison of various non-biblical counseling philosophies will be made and will show where they differ from Scripture. This level will help the student increase his or her confidence in the sufficiency and superiority of the Scriptures for handling all the personal and interpersonal problems of life. This level will also help the student understand the role of counseling in the church. This level exposes the student to a distinctively biblical way of looking at people and their problems.

Level Two specifically looks at marriage and the family. Topics covered here include the purpose of marriage, divorce and remarriage, the roles of the husband and wife, communication, and conflict resolution. Time is also spent on stewardship and priorities within the Christian life along with parenting. This level will challenge the student to build his or her own counseling practices on solid, biblical theology in the area of marriage and family. This level will also confirm and illustrate the fact that many counseling problems usually involve and reflect insufficient bad theology.

Level Three is a little bit more in depth and is designed for those desiring to pursue a more in-depth understanding of discipleship/counseling. The specific topics that are studied are anger, worry, fear, and depression, learning disorders, medical issues, decision-making, abuse, and demonic activity. This level will highlight the incredible practicality of good theology. This will help the student become more aware of specific problem along with the biblical solution. This level will encourage the student to take an active role in the sanctification process.