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About STM

Short-Term Ministries (STM) is a key component of Outreach Ministries at Grace Community Church. STM promotes, plans, and prepares local and international short-term ministry opportunities for the members of Grace Church. STM exists to promote worship by facilitating both individual and corporate ministry opportunities in order to establish Christ's church globally. STM accomplishes this by exposing participants to various cross-cultural ministries, missions, and modes of life.

The countries to which STM teams are sent are not chosen at random. The Short Term Ministry trips sent by Grace Community Church are initiated by our missionary families or ministry partners who serve in foreign countries. They saw a need in their church and asked that our church send a team to assist them in their long-term strategic outreach to that country.

STM teams have a long-term impact because they are linked with our missionaries around the world. By God’s grace, the combination of an energetic group of servants from Grace Community Church with the ongoing faithful ministry of our missionaries makes an effective witness for Christ around the world!

How to get involved

1. Pray! Pray that God would bless the ministry of these teams, opening the hearts of those who receive the message of the gospel. Without the Lord’s blessing on these trips, they will not have true spiritual success.

2. Give! Please partner with our teams financially. These trips do not happen without the support of specific giving. If you want to support a team, you can do so by writing a check to Grace Community Church and indicate on the memo line "For the team of _________." You can also give online to an STM team member.

3. Go! Consider joining an STM team! We need a couple hundred people every year willing to sacrifice their time and energy for gospel ministries around the world. Please consider serving the Lord in this way next year.

Support Short-Term Ministries

To partner financially, please prayerfully consider supporting one of our missionaries or missionary works.


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Short-Term Ministries

STM June Update

Remember to pray for the STM teams that are going out in June, and consider supporting them financially....

Short-Term Ministries

STM June 17 Update

Remember to pray for the STM teams that are going out in June, and consider supporting them financially....

Short-Term Ministries

STM July 1 Update

Remember to pray for the STM teams that went out in June, and consider supporting them financially....

Short-Term Ministries

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Current STM Teams

Albania (2015)

June 27-July 11


  • Helping with three evangelistic Bible study plants
  • Helping to equip the church for evangelism
  • Helping with evangelistic English classes

Albert Wong Teaching Trip

April 30th-September 1st. Training & Teaching Men at a Local Church in East Asia.

Croatia (2015)

June 20–July 5

Team Members: Jennifer O'Connor, Jessica Fonseca

Hosts: Kris & Nina Brackett


  • Conducting a week-long Spanish class for elementary-age children
  • Leading a women's Bible study
  • Participating in a week-long ESL Camp with approximately 150 children from the local community

Czech Republic (2015)

July 22nd-August 5. Assistance with an English camp with opportunities to present the Gospel.

East Asia (2015)

June 30-July 14


  • Teaching, training, discipling, and strengthening the local church
  • Participating in music ministry and outreach conferences
  • Conducting evangelistic outreach at universities and migrant centers

East Asia 2 (2015)

August-early September (approximately 3 weeks). This STM will be involved in assisting local church outreach, ministering in a local Christian school, and an editing project.

England 1 (2015)

May 25th-June 7th. Creating Evangelistic Videos.

England 2 (2015)

May 27th-June 8th. Family & Biblical Counseling Conference. This STM is full and no longer accepting applications.

England 3 (2015)

June 12–27

Team Members: Jeremiah Johnson (team leader), Keith Anderson, Tracy Anderson, Tiffany Johnson, Lindsey Nardone, Nathan Neven, Ann O'Neill, Mike O'Neill, Tony Otero, Janet Young

Missionary Hosts: Michael & Emily Luehrmann


  • Helping with renovations and construction projects at City Evangelical Church (CEC)
  • Assisting CEC's evangelistic efforts through community outreach programs and youth ministry
  • Encouraging our missionaries, the church staff, and the church body in Leeds

Germany (2015)

July 14th-August 2nd. ESL kids camp, Evangelism & Construction.

Grant Gates Teaching Trip (2015)

Teaching Trip for Grant Gates.

Hong Kong (2015)

Early October. VBS, translators and music for a pastors conference.

Japan 1 (2015)

June 17–July 7

Team Members: Eric Lan (team leader), Carissa Brown, Lindsey Han, Seichi Kamimura, Stephen Smith, Sophia Tat

Hosts: Shuji Kondo, Hamadera Bible Church


  • Building gospel relationships with college students through cultural exchange
  • Assisting Hamadera Bible Church in hosting outreach events
  • Encouraging church staff to live more evangelistic lifestyles and focus on discipleship

Japan 2 (2015)

July 23rd-August 11th. VBS.

Jedi and Anne Johnson Teaching Trip

May 15th-May 29th. Teaching at a Bible Conference in India.

Jonathan Willoughby Teaching Trip

April 15th-April30th. Jonathan Willoughby is going to Argentina on an exploratory trip. This trip is designed to see if God would have Jonathan serve in Argentina in the future.

Malawi (2015)

August 23rd-September 4th. This STM will offer administrative assistance, website updates, and minor construction for CAPA (Central African Preaching Academy).

Mexico (2015)

July 11th-July 20th. VBS for children and Youth Retreat & Conference.

New Zealand (2015)

May 25th-June 5th. VBS during Bible Conference & Evangelism.

South Africa (2015)

Mid to late July. TMS students (and their wives) only. Multiple opportunities to teach in a cross-cultural setting.

Ukraine (2015)

June 19–July 5

Team Members: Houston Jackson (team leader), Rebecca Bitner, Jegal Choi, Will Chung, Rachel Dulaney, Hadiya Jackson, Matt Wetmore

Missionary Hosts: Greg & Hue Chon White


  • Helping with Grace Bible Church of Kiev's vacation Bible school program at a children's home
  • Helping with the church's softball camp at a local park in Kiev
  • Assisting the missionaries with local evangelism around the city