Welcome to Children's Ministry! We want you to know what a great blessing it is for us to serve you. The biblical responsibility of evangelizing our children, encouraging our families, and edifying our servants is one we take very seriously. The following information will help you to get to know us better.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please call 818-909-5631.

Ministry Overview

  • Nursery (infants through three years) - Sunday morning and evening, Wednesday evening, and during other ministry events as needed.
  • Sunday School (three years through third grade) - Sunday morning
  • Juniors (fourth through sixth grade) - Sunday morning
  • Special Needs Class - Sunday morning 2nd service
  • Adventure Club (three years through sixth grade) - Sunday night
  • The Masters' Kids (pre-kindergarten) - Tuesday morning

Registering your Child

All children (nursery through 6th grade) participating in Sunday Children’s Ministry must be checked in at a kiosk and receive a name tag before being dropped off in their classrooms. Check-in kiosks can be found in the Children’s Center Plaza located behind the Chapel. First time visitors, including those needing a single day registration, should visit the trolly located in the Children’s Center Plaza to be registered and directed to the appropriate classroom.

First time visitors or new families planning on a repeat visit are encouraged to use our online full kiosk registration form, which will keep your information ready to print on following Sunday mornings. Please allow one week to process information.

Children Registration Form

Refer to the Kiosk Guide (PDF) for additional instructions and information.

Sunday Morning

Sunday School Room Breakdowns

9:00 and 11:00 am

  • 3 yr olds (A-G) CC131
  • 3 yr olds (H-N) CC132
  • 3 yr olds (O-Z) CC134
  • 4 yr olds (A-F) CC231
  • 4 yr olds (G-P) CC232
  • 4 yr olds (Q-Z) CC233
  • K-5 (A-G) CC234
  • K-5 (H-Q) CC235
  • K-5 (R-Z) CC230E
  • 1st Grade (A-L) CC130C
  • 1st Grade (M-Z) CC130W
  • 2nd Grade (A-K) H224
  • 2nd Grade (L-Z) H223
  • 3rd Grade (A-Z) H221-222
  • 4-6th Grade (A-Z; “Juniors”) T270s (self release)
  • Special Needs Class (A-Z) CC133 (2nd hour only)

*Classrooms are broken down by first initial of last name
*See campus map for room locations

Sunday Night

Adventure Club

  • Trackers (3-5 years old) Tower 270s
  • Scouts (1st-3rd grade) Chapel
  • Trailblazers (4th-6th grade) Gym

Additional Resources

Related Ministries

Juniors • Sundays in T260s

Sunday School program for grades 3-5.

Nursery Ministry

Loving care for little ones, from newborns to preschool.
Contact: childrens@gracechurch.org

Sunday School

Sunday School classes for children age three through third grade.
Contact: childrens@gracechurch.org