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Since 1927, The Master’s University has transformed young people to have an impact for Christ in the world. Committed faculty and staff pour their lives into students, teaching every subject with a biblical worldview. We hold firm to the sufficiency, inerrancy, and authority of Scripture in our uncompromising commitment to Christ and Scripture. Master’s not only compels students to academic achievement and professional excellence, but we develop wisdom, establish convictions, and produce leaders in every student. Each graduate is set on the path to success with the skills and perspective to do all they do for the honor of our great God.

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Care of Souls Conference

June 79, 2023

At this two-day conference, several speakers including Abner Chou, Stuart Scott, and Adam Tyson will focus on encouraging the church through proclaiming a biblical view of the conscience, sin, guilt, repentance, and humility.

The Master’s University