Special Ministries

Sundays at 9:00 & 11:00 am in CC130E

Scripture makes it clear that we are to love and serve those with special needs. In Leviticus 19:14 God tells His people to care for those with disabilities, and He gives us examples throughout Scripture of what obeying this command looks like. In the Old Testament, King David showed compassion to Mephibosheth, the disabled son of Saul’s son and David’s friend, Jonathan, because he wanted to “show [him] the kindness of God” (2 Samuel 9).

In the New Testament, we see how Jesus showed love and compassion to those with disabilities—Mark 1:41 tells us that He was “moved with compassion” to heal the leper who came to Him. Christ reached out to the blind, deaf, paralyzed, and mentally ill throughout His ministry, showing that God created those with special needs in order to display His power and strength in their weaknesses (Matthew 15:31, John 9:1–3).

For more than 40 years, the mission of Special Ministries at Grace Church has been to evangelize and disciple the disabled (Matthew 28:18–20). We strive to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to participate fully in church life, whether this means presenting truth in an accessible way, or facilitating corporate worship. In Jesus’ words, we must invite them to the banquet, believing that we will be blessed by doing the work of our Savior (Luke 14:13).

If you’re looking for a ministry opportunity, please prayerfully consider serving alongside us. You will find incredible blessings, your life will be enriched by serving our church family in this way, and God will be glorified.

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Special Ministries