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Grace Curriculum began as an effort to pass on the gospel of God’s grace to the next generation of children at Grace Community Church. Our faithful members and elders labored to produce a children’s ministry curriculum faithful to Scripture, engaging with children, and helpful to parents. Out of these efforts, two curriculums were born.

Adventure Club: Systematic Theology Kids Midweek Program.
After using Awana for over two decades, the elders at Grace Community Church decided to develop a more biblical curriculum that better aligns with our doctrinal statement and philosophy on ministry. In 2017, we developed  a three-year study of systematic theology for kids adapted from the book, Biblical Doctrine by John MacArthur and Richard Mayhue, and called it Adventure Club. Designed to run along the course of a school year, Adventure Club instructs children on the high points of systematic theology:

  • The Church, the Bible, and the End Times.
  • Man, Sin, and Salvation
  • God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit

Similar to Generations of Grace, Adventure Club is also a unified curriculum, where all 3 age groups learn the same lesson communicated at their level.

Generations of Grace: Bible Narrative for Sunday School
Generations of Grace is a three-year survey of the most important narratives in Scripture. Children spend two years learning the essential stories of the Old Testament and one year walking through the New Testament narratives. Designed for children aged 3–12, a child may walk through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation three times before graduating into junior high. Generations of Grace is also a unified curriculum so that all children learn the same lesson, delivered to each age group (3-5, 6-8, & 9-11)

Grace Media
During 2020, when Covid-19 limited many, we produced video materials and launched them through our brand-new Grace Media app. Designed for all ages, Grace Media provides curriculum support videos (Teaching Tips, Moment of Truth) engaging instruction for kids (Adventures with Ranger Joe), music (Generations of Grace Music) and a visual audiobook of the Adventure Club kid’s story in the mid-week evening curriculum (Adventure Club Stories)

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