Premarital & Marriage

Grace Community Church is proud to offer premarital and marital training to equip couples for a lifetime of biblical devotion. In the eyes of the Lord, marriage is the highest of human relationships. Only in this special relationship are the two considered “one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). The Lord has designed marriage to be a means through which the couple brings Him glory in their lives together. In a world of confusion, it is crucial the couple understands exactly what the Lord has designed and expects. Marriage can often be a struggle, but the Scriptures provide clear instruction that leads the couple into a flourishing relationship.

For couples wishing to be married at Grace Church, this course is required and all weddings at Grace Church must align with our Elders Statement on Marriage, which specifies what we believe about the union between one man and one woman (Genesis 2:21–24; Matthew 19:4–6; Mark 10:6–9). See additional details for more seminar information and all Grace Church wedding requirements.  Additional Details

Please note that seminar sessions are available only for engaged couples, newlyweds, couples seriously considering marriage, and married couples desiring a marriage refresher.


Our premarital/marriage seminar is offered three times a year in January/February, May/June, and September/October. It consists of four sessions that take place on two different weekends. Check the Announcements page for any current class offerings and to register.

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Premarital & Marriage Seminar

A prerequisite for engaged couples desiring to get married at Grace Church, this seminar is also helpful for those who are purposefully dating, as well as married couples interested in God’s plan for a successful marriage.

Premarital & Marriage