Thanksgiving Offering

Thanksgiving presents an occasion for us to reflect on the Lord’s goodness. He has given Grace Church another year of fruitful ministry, which is evident in the lives of our family members and in our community. We treasure each of these lives, but have special affection for children—and not only those in our church family, but those whom God has given us the responsibility to protect. The Lord, in His great mercy, decreed the overturning of Roe v. Wade ear-lier this year, and we rejoice in the fact that many unborn lives will be saved as a result. But we cannot stop there, as most of the lives that are preserved will end up under the influence of godless corruption that is generating blatant rebellion against God.

It has been said, “One generation plants the trees, and another gets the shade.” We, in this generation, are still living in a little bit of shade. Our grandparents, and perhaps even our parents, planted trees in the past from which we still find shade. But the current generation has failed to plant such protective trees for the next. In fact, our leaders have not only ignored this responsibility, but have actively uprooted the protections our children and families have enjoyed from past generations. This creates an immense need and therefore an urgent opportunity for the church to fulfill.

In 54 years of ministry at Grace Church, it has been our calling to respond biblically to the most urgent needs for the saints in our church. From the Lordship controversy to the attacks on the authority of Scripture, we have always fought the most pressing doctrinal and spiritual battles. We have also fought moral battles against overt sin the cul-ture has affirmed. Today, the war on children is the threat that we must respond to. As we shepherd families, we must ensure that our children are raised in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

To fill this critical need, we established Grace Academy, a home-based private school that features in-person instruc-tion to accentuate homeschool education. As you can imagine, establishing a school comes with many logistical, fi-nancial, and administrative needs. The Lord has already shown His favor by providing key infrastructure and over-whelming interest from our families, with 175 students enrolled this semester. But more opportunities remain to en-sure that our children are protected by their parents and the church, rather than the government. We recently acquired two nearby properties to use as campuses for Grace Academy. These are amazing provisions by the Lord that show His blessing on our efforts in Christian education, but these properties need to be remodeled for academic purposes.

Another significant demonstration of the Lord’s providence came in September when the board of Legacy Christian Academy in Santa Clarita unanimously voted to become a ministry of Grace Church. Legacy is a Blue Ribbon school, ranked in the top 50 schools in the nation and, at the same time, is aligned with our theological convictions. The el-ders of Grace Church are grateful for the privilege of stewarding this school of nearly 500 students. These new oppor-tunities are bolstered by the continued efforts of our Children’s Ministry every Sunday, as well as by special events like the recent Family Fair, which had 3,000 in attendance, including 50 new families from our community.

With all these blessings from the Lord, it is clear that He has entrusted Grace Church with a unique stewardship for the next generation through education. To that end, we have dedicated this year’s Thanksgiving offering to our in-vestment in Christian education for our children, especially toward ongoing operational expenses and efforts to get the newly acquired school campuses ready for the next school year. As you reflect on the Lord’s kindness this Thanksgiving, I trust that you will prayerfully consider making a special gift toward this crucial ministry.

Love in the Truth,

John and Patricia

Special Offering

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