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Abigail Myers

June 2–July 20, 2024


Abigail Myers is a senior at the Master’s University Studying Bible-Global Studies. Her desire is to one day be a part of ministry overseas as the Lord leads. This summer Abby has the opportunity to travel to Singapore for approximately 7-weeks to partner with Grace Baptist Church Singapore. This church has recently been introduced and impacted by Pastor John’s ministry and is a great supporter of GCC. While there, Abby’s main focus will be serving with worship, care groups, women’s, children’s, and the missions ministries of GBC. She will be assisting with the execution of summer church events as the church's summer intern. This is an exciting opportunity to help begin to build a bridge between Grace Baptist Singapore and Grace Community Church. This trip will also help in fulfilling requirements for a TMU short-term ministries internship where Abby will practice Mandarin and learning and participating in Singaporean culture.


Please Join Me in Prayer

  • For Grace Baptist Church. Their willingness to embrace me as a part of their church family for the summer speaks volumes about their dedication to nurturing healthy church members for the global church. Please pray that I would be an encouragement and help to them. Pray for the Lord to continue to strengthen them and to raise up godly leaders and ministry workers.
  • It is an honor to be a bridge builder of this relationship, pray that I would represent GCC well, with a witness that loves, serves, & sacrifices like Christ. Pray that I would be an encouragement to the Grace Baptist leadership and church family.
  • Pray for me as I being to learn Mandarin. It is a tonal language and one word said with 5 different inflections can mean 5 completely different things. This is tricky, nerve-wracking, but exciting challenge. Pray that the Lord would give me patience, humility, and endurance. I have been learning that even the effort of language learning can be a unique gospel opportunity!
  • Pray for wisdom, strength, teachability, endurance, safety, and unity as I serve alongside faithful believers in Singapore. I will be living in Singapore for about 7 weeks, navigating public transportation, language learning, life in a completely new culture, and fellowship in a new church!
  • Pray for Gospel opportunities! While I will be working mostly with the church, pray that I would have the opportunity to share the Gospel!
  • Pray that above everything else, the Lord would be glorified through this trip, through my attitude and interactions, throughout the whole process that others would be pointed to praise Him!

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