Math3ma Symposium 2024

May 31June 1, 2024

Math3ma is a twist on the Greek word mathema, which means “a lesson”. It is related to both mathematics and mathetes (learner, pupil), a Greek word used in the New Testament to refer to disciples or followers of Jesus. Math3ma thus represents the overlap of the two, reminding us of those who are committed to following the Lord Jesus Christ as they learn about and engage with His creation in the sciences and mathematics.

In the church, science is often viewed with suspicion or skepticism because of how it is twisted to establish a foundation for a secular worldview or to be used as a tool to prop up anti-God agendas. But when approached rightly through the lens of Scripture, science—and related fields such as mathematics, engineering, and technology—can be beautiful endeavors that greatly honor the Lord Jesus Christ, as they plumb the depths of what He has done in His created universe. Truly, the sciences can be a gift to the church that aids us in inclining our hearts to overflow with worship to our Creator.

The Lord has called a number of Christians to pursue a career in the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics in a variety of roles—as graduate students, professors, research scientists, software engineers, and more. Working in these disciplines comes with unique opportunities to share the gospel with people who may otherwise remain unreached. At the same time, it is not uncommon for believers in these fields to feel particularly isolated in their work environments, especially if the Lord has placed them within secular institutions across academia, industry, and the government.

The Math3ma Symposium recognizes these unique challenges and seeks to strengthen and equip these believers to advance the gospel in their vocations, through the encouragement of Scripture and fellowship with one another.

This event will include a series of talks and roundtable discussions to encourage meaningful interactions over a shared love for Christ and common interests in these fields. Speakers include John MacArthur, Abner Chou, and NASA astronaut Jeffrey Williams, as well as Jennifer Sinclair Curtis, a Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering at UC Davis, and neurologist Richard Dewey from the Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center.

We invite graduate students and professionals in the sciences, mathematics, engineering, and technology to join us for this time of refreshment as we pursue fidelity to Christ in our scientific vocations.

Lunch and light breakfast provided. For more information and to register, visit will be available at