The Heart of Adoption

Think about the family.

Family is a foundational creation from God. So much so that the family is found in God describing Himself: there is God the Father, and there is God the Son. In a similar way, family is the central unit of the church. God speaks of the church as being the children of God; the building blocks of a house build on the rock (1 Corinthians 3:11), and He speaks of Christ not being ashamed to call us brothers. The picture of the family is interwoven throughout Scripture. What an amazing model for us to imitate!

However, there is one aspect of the family that is often overlooked: adoption.

The Bible tells believers that they have been grafted into the family of God. Paul says that God “predestined us to adoption as sons, through Jesus Christ, to Himself” (Ephesians 1:5). No believer was born into the family of God. We were far from God, but we have been adopted into God’s family. Galatians 4:5 says that Jesus was sent so “that we might receive the adoption as sons.”

The idea of adoption is central to the very truth of salvation. The two are inseparable. We might not think of this often, but the act of regeneration, being born again, is adoption on a divine scale. This is why, as children of God and active members of an eternal church family, we must never have adoption far from our hearts. To embrace adoption is to embrace what God has done for us; loving adoption is to love what matters to the Lord.

For some, this means adopting—walking in faith that God has brought a young life to you, to care and love as your own. For others, it means bringing foster children into your home who may have never known a loving, stable family. And yet for others it means supporting by financially giving to those who add a child to their family through adoption and praying for and with those who are grafting branches into their family tree.

As a church, we need to focus on that which we have most in common—an heirship with Christ. Let that drive us to never lose sight of how we gained so great a salvation.

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Adoption Seminar & Lunch

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