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Pastor, Elder

Josh serves as high school pastor at Grace Community Church and earned his degree from The Master’s Seminary (M.Div.), where he is currently pursuing his Doctor of Ministry degree. Having been saved in student ministries, Josh has a passion to see young people place their trust in Jesus and become functioning members of the local church. Josh has been married to Katie since 2010, and they have two children—Jude and Chloe.

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Path to Misery

Josh Petras | Proverbs 7 | 12/6/2020

180 Ministry

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Can Jesus Really Solve All Your Problems?

Josh Petras | Mark 1:39-2:17 | 11/1/2020

Grace Community Church

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What We Teach About Man

Josh Petras | Selected Scriptures | 10/18/2020

Grace Community Church | Series: Simple Christianity

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Zacchaeus Meets Jesus

Josh Petras | Luke 19:1-10 | 9/2/2020

180 Ministry | Series: Meeting Jesus

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