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Josh served as high school pastor at Grace Community Church from 2014 until 2022 and earned his degree from The Master’s Seminary (M.Div., D.Min). Having been saved in student ministries, Josh has a passion to see young people place their trust in Jesus and become functioning members of the local church. Josh has been married to Katie since 2010, and they have three children—Jude, Chloe, and Sophia.

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For the Christian, life is not just about celebrating waiting Jesus has done, but looking forward to His return (1 Thess 1:10, Phil 3:20). But who is the Jesus we are waiting for, and why should we be so excited about Him coming back? This sermon looks at the living Christ in Revelation 1:5-7, which provides a glorious and beautiful view of Christ that is meant to increase our affections for Him and bolster our faithfulness to Him.

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More than just a collection of storybook moments, the book of Exodus tells of the unrivaled glory of the one true God. This seminar will explore how Exodus increases our understanding of God, His relationship with His people, and His plans for eternity.

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The Effects of Good News

Josh Petras | Romans 15:14–16:27 | 6/26/2022

180 Ministry | Series: Romans

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