A Local Harvest

One of the most important things about Grace Church is our commitment to sending missionaries all over the world. But this focus on the Great Commission isn’t limited to international missions. We do more than cross the ocean—we also cross the street, so that our immediate neighbors might hear the good news of forgiveness through Christ.

Our Local Outreach ministry is committed to taking the gospel across Los Angeles County, through jail and rehab ministries, sports outreaches, and even addiction counseling, but the heart and soul of our evangelism efforts is our neighborhood outreach ministry. Every Sunday afternoon, members of our church family gather for food, fellowship, and practical evangelism training that usually includes discussing real-life scenarios the team has encountered before. Then, teams of three or four take the gospel to the doorsteps of our neighbors, introducing them to Grace as their local church and encouraging them to contact us if we can serve them in any way.

Over the past five years, as we’ve worked systematically through the surrounding neighborhoods, our teams have been able to visit more than 6,000 homes. Contrary to what one might think, nearly 70% of the people we’ve spoken to have been receptive to our visits. Seven out of every ten people are happy to get a visit from the church in their neighborhood! This has resulted in hundreds of gospel conversations, new friendships, evangelistic Bible studies, and numerous discipleship opportunities.

The continued efforts of neighborhood outreach depend on the participation of Grace Church members like you. The fields are white for harvest (John 4:35), and we need workers sent from the Lord to bring the good news to our neighbors. Would you prayerfully consider whether Christ might be preparing you to serve Him in this way?

For more information about neighborhood outreach, email sko@gracechurch.org or call 818-909-5721.