“Break out of your comfort zone and increase your understanding of God’s truths.” -John MacArthur

About Grace Equip

Grace Equip was founded by Grace Community Church to provide our congregation and community with a casual yet advanced biblical education at a low cost. No degree or qualification is needed to take classes.

These courses are designed to take Christians deeper in their understanding of the Bible and theology. The goal is to better equip you for ministry in the church, evangelism in the world, and Godliness in your personal life.

Grace Equip is devoted to offering exciting, relevant, and challenging biblical topics taught by seminary trained teachers who are an active part of ministry here on campus. They are eager to come alongside you, answer your questions and prepare you to better serve the Lord.

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Michael Wurtz


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Discipleship Counseling 2 Closed

Wednesdays, January 6 March 24, 2021

Marriage and the Family

Grace Equip

Consejería Bíblica Nivel 1 Closed

January 14 April 8, 2021

Fundamentos de la consejería bíblica

Grace Equip

Theology 103 Closed

January 11 February 22, 2021

God’s Word on Humanity, Sin, Angels, and Demons

Grace Equip

Reaching Catholics with the True Gospel Closed

January 12 February 16, 2021

Grace Equip Elective

Grace Equip


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All Classes are on the Grace Church Campus
13248 Roscoe Blvd
Sun Valley, California 91352
United States