Sundays in July

July is an exciting time at Grace Church. This is the month we take a break from our regular Adult Fellowship Groups and, instead, enjoy special seminars presented by our pastors and elders. Designed to create opportunities to hear different teachers and choose topics of particular interest, Sundays in July seminars are also intended to serve as a catalyst for fellowship. If you attend one, you'll probably strike up a conversation with someone you may not know, but who shares your interest in the same topic.

Along with this morning's Grace Today, you received a brochure listing all the topics that will be covered this July. This year, each seminar falls into one of the following eight categories. These eight tracks are designed to equip our church in key areas of life while allowing us to go deeper in our study of certain topics by offering multiple seminars in each track.

Contemporary Issues. The world we live in is changing, and it's changing fast. As Christians, we need to be equipped to think and speak biblically about the hot-button issues the world can't stop talking about. This track will offer seminars on abortion, technology, race, science, evolution vs. creationism, the LGBT movement, and more.

Bible. Charles Spurgeon said, "Nobody ever outgrows Scripture: the book widens and deepens with our years." Indeed, if we lived 100 lifetimes, we could never exhaust the riches of God's Word. This track is designed to give you surveys of large portions of Scripture, drill down deep into smaller portions of Scripture, and equip you to study the Bible on your own.

Missions. With more than ninety missionaries on the field, it's obvious that our church loves missions. Our seminars on missions will answer questions like, Why is missions so important? How do I get more involved in supporting our missionaries? What can I be thinking about if I am considering being a missionary myself?

Christian Life. This is perhaps the most practical track. These seminars are designed to help you in your personal walk with the Lord, your involvement in church, and your witness in the world.

Church History. There are many important lessons to learn from studying both key periods of church history and individual biographies of godly men and women. Church history is full of spiritual giants who lived sold-out lives for Christ, and learning about them allows us to follow in their footsteps.

Counseling. Biblical counseling can be extremely difficult, especially when you minister to someone who is going through something that you have never experienced yourself. That's why the counseling track focuses on difficult issues like depression, psychiatric medications, guilt, and aging.

Marriage and Parenting. Loving our spouses and raising our children are two of the greatest responsibilities we have. A variety of seminars and Q&As will present biblical principles for the home, along with practical application of these principles.

Spanish. This year we've added a new track of seminars for Spanish speakers. These seminars are open to all, and provide us a great opportunity to get to know and fellowship with people in our Spanish Ministry.

Don't miss this sweet time of fellowship and important time of equipping beginning July 2. We trust Sundays in July will be a refreshing and encouraging highlight of your summer.

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