It has been very encouraging to see the transforming work of God's Word in the lives of two residential and six full time pastors—the latter have joined a bi-voctional training attending two weeks each quarter. This is all happening in Yangon, Myanmar at the Expository Pastoral Training Seminary, which is now into its second year of functioning. The two local men who serve as faculty are doing a great job teaching all year round, including Hebrew and Greek.

I continue to oversee the ministries of both Love Maharasthra and Grace to India. Occasionally I visit Goa and teach at the Pastoral Training Seminary, but most of my time is spent being the pastor of my local church in Pune—Disciples Community Church. I am finishing Ecclesiastes this January and will begin a new series at the church.


  • Recruit another ten men to study at EPTS, Yangon
  • Ensure that my two local faculty become better skilled in the English language by undergoing special classes
  • Publish a Theological Glossary in the Burmese language
  • Publish the English language Indian edition of the NIV MacArthur Study Bible
  • Finish a series of Home Fellowship interactive Bible studies on the Holy Spirit
  • Begin a new series on Doctrine in preaching at my local church
  • Icrease the number of Marathi-speaking church planters supported by Love Maharashtra ministries

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