Fellow Workers with the Truth

Therefore we ought to support such men, so that we may be fellow workers with the truth.
—3 John 8

As William Carey was about to embark upon his mission trip to India in 1793, he looked around at the small band of brothers with him and said, “I will go down, if you will hold the rope.”

This picture of someone venturing into unknown territory supported only by a small group of faithful believers is not a new concept. Although Carey is recorded as the pioneer of modern missions, the charge to proclaim the gospel to unreached nations comes from our Lord’s Great Commission in Matthew 28:19–20. Believers in Jesus have been declaring His Word since He first entrusted them with the saving message of eternal life. Likewise, sending assistance to believers in need is exemplified throughout the New Testament (e.g., 2 Corinthians 11:9, Romans 15:26, and Philippians 4:15–18).

Our own church has sought to obey our Master and emulate the examples we see in Scripture by sending and supporting missionaries for more than fifty years. Today, some ninety-four Grace Church missionary families and ministry partners have been sent onto the field and are spending themselves for gospel ministry in different parts of the world. From learning new languages and embracing new cultures to surrendering their comfort and even risking their own lives, serving on the mission field requires enormous personal sacrifice from these faithful men and women.

This legacy has been made possible through the grace of the Lord Jesus and the unwavering commitment of His people to support gospel ministry. Grace Church has always rallied around the banner of the gospel and shared the burden of responsibility in recognizing the needs of our missionaries. We pray for them, assist them financially, and some of us even temporarily join them on the field.

Every year, our missionaries request Short-Term Ministries (STM) teams of Grace Church members, and we respond by sending you—men and women who have laid hold of the significance of gospel mission and the importance of laboring alongside our missionaries in tangible ways.

STM trips are wonderful opportunities to encourage and support our missionaries in their tireless work for the cause of the Savior, express our gratefulness for their selfless ministry, and meet practical ministerial needs. Moreover, STM teams represent our entire church family to the congregations they serve, vividly displaying the priority of missions and the value of a legacy of a mature mission ministry.

This summer, we are preparing to send seventeen teams to sixteen countries across the globe to pursue the most significant task that believers can engage in—the proclamation of the gospel. We hope you’ll join us in the Family Center at 12:30 p.m. on December 3 to learn how you can participate in this exciting ministry opportunity. And even if you can’t be part of a team, please consider supporting this critical ministry both prayerfully and financially.

Thank you for your role in making STMs a reality and for serving our missionaries. Your short-term investment will have an eternal impact on these faithful servants and the ministries they serve.

For more information visit gracechurch.org/stm.

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