A Testimony to All the Nations

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14). This verse from the Olivet Discourse, as Jesus instructed his disciples about the signs leading to the end of the age, illuminates the patience, mercy, and lovingkindness of our Lord as He longs to see many saved by His persistent grace. It also reminds the local church to maintain a global perspective, remembering that our gospel reach needs to extend far beyond the neighborhoods surrounding our church.

This divine priority has been a catalyst for our church family’s commitment to missions. While it is exceedingly rare for a church to develop its own strategic sending ministry, our church established Grace Ministries International (GMI) with the two-fold goal of facilitating our own church members’ desires to become missionaries and fulfilling the biblical commandment to make disciples of every nation. As the ministry has grown, GMI has expanded to include ministry partners: TMS graduates from like-minded churches who serve alongside Grace Church missionaries and national partners who have returned to their countries of citizenship.

At its inception twenty-two years ago, GMI sent, shepherded, and cared for just over a dozen missionaries serving overseas. Today we have sent close to 100 missionaries into the field, and we have a presence in more than thirty different nations. This growth and dedication is a direct reflection of our church’s faithful and passionate pursuit of the gospel declaration which is at the heart of missions, and there are many ways you can be involved.

Learn. Visit gracechurch.org/outreach and learn about our missionaries and the fields in which they serve. Discover how they are serving the Lord and what their various ministries entail.

Pray. God is delighted to answer prayer. Come alongside and partner with our missionaries through prayer. Our annual missionary calendar is a great tool to help you pray for different missionaries every month.

Serve. Join an STM team this coming summer. These teams are designed and dispatched to serve our missionaries and support their ministries around the world.

Give. Prayerfully consider giving to one of our missionary families as the Lord provides. In addition, your Faith Promise giving supports many needs and ministry initiatives for our missionaries.

GMI provides a wonderful lens through which we can see the Lord faithfully working toward His objective of global gospel proclamation. Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of our testimony to all the nations.