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Ministry Partner: Richard Peskett

Nelspruit, South Africa

Richard was brought up Roman Catholic in England. He was saved, by God’s grace, in his first year at university, and he spent many years as a school teacher until he began pastoring in the UK. After several years, Richard realized the weightiness of being an under-shepherd, and his need for training if he was to be a faithful minister of the Word. Richard came to The Master’s Seminary in 2010 with his beloved wife of twenty years, Telda. In January 2015, they left their spiritual home and went to Telda’s former homeland, South Africa, where Antioch Bible Church (Johannesburg) sent Richard as a church planter to Nelspruit, in Mpumalanga.

In October 2015, ten believers covenanted together to form Nelspruit Bible Church. Richard spends his time preaching, teaching in a couple of Bible studies, counseling individuals, and teaching theology to a group of men. Telda has been leading a couple of women’s Bible studies and counseling women.

Most of the local churches around Nelspruit do not teach the Bible faithfully, and much of what comes out of the local pulpits is based on unverifiable experiences such as dreams and prophecies. Those professing faith in Christ (the majority of people) are at worst unsaved, and at best not growing in maturity in Christ. Richard and Telda are thankful to have the opportunity to be bucking the trend, so to speak. As starving people have been fed the living and abiding Word of God they have shown a great hunger and excitement for it, and are visibly growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ.

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  • To teach and preach the Word of God faithfully and thereby establish Nelspruit Bible Church, to God’s glory.
  • To train men to be godly husbands and leaders in the church.
  • To bring the gospel of Christ to the lost in and around Nelspruit.

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Nelspruit, South Africa