Edifying Christ’s Church

"Then I will give you shepherds after My own heart, who will feed you on knowledge and understanding." —Jeremiah 3:15

During the fifty years of Pastor MacArthur’s ministry at Grace Community Church, there has been an emphasis on developing leaders and building the church. This emphasis has defined our church and been multiplied many times over as graduates from The Master’s Seminary, Grace Church staff members, and lay leaders have carried this same commitment to churches and ministries around the globe.

Grace Advance is another means to continue this ministry, providing leadership in establishing new churches and help in revitalizing existing churches in North America. From the first days of Christianity, the model for the spread of the church has been simple: mature assemblies are to send gifted, called, and trained men out of their midst to edify Christ’s church. At Grace Church, we desire to instill this biblical philosophy in local churches so that the Word of God is faithfully taught and the congregations are shepherded.

Currently, we have twenty-seven Grace Advance (GA) churches across the United States and Canada that have accepted this charge and responsibility. However, the men who shepherd them often face challenging situations unique to smaller churches, including limited resources, untrained servants, facility problems, etc. These local congregations need our help. In response, the Elder’s Council Handling Advancement started Grace Advance Teams (GATs) with the idea of helping these GA churches through the people and resources of Grace Church.

By sending teams of Grace Church members and resources to these GA churches, we are helping develop many of the gospel-spreading ministries that characterize our own church. GATs also provide opportunities for Grace Church members to use their talents and spiritual gifts in supporting these God-honoring congregations. This summer, Grace Advance is sending teams to four churches to help with their various ministry needs. Please consider partnering with us for the advancement of the gospel in these churches; there are many ways you can help.

For information about this summer’s Grace Advance Teams, visit graceadvance.org. To provide financial support , visit gracechurch.org/giving (select “Grace Advance”).


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