Homebound Ministries

Homebound Ministry serves those members of our church body who, due to physical limitations, are unable to attend church services regularly. Some are unable to leave home at all. They rely on caregivers who provide for their basic needs—but sometimes that just isn't enough. Without regular social contact, they begin to feel isolated, helpless, and lonely.

These dear saints present a great opportunity for ministry. If you're wondering what that looks like, it can be as simple as sending a note or a small gift or, better yet, making a call or stopping by for a visit. Fellowship is particularly sweet for these folks who often spend much of their time alone.

It is a great privilege to come alongside and encourage our homebound members. Please prayerfully consider taking this opportunity to serve. For a contact list or more information about ministry to the homebound, give us a call.

Contact Information



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Tom Patton

Homebound Ministries Pastor