How To Have A Quiet Time

Often newer Christians will ask the question, “How should I go about my Bible reading?” While there is not one specific way to do this, the following tips can help you in your time with the Lord. 

1. Get Alone 

Find a quiet spot where you can spend time with you and the Lord. This spot should be private and quiet (it is called a quiet time after all). The point is not silence, but this is a time for you to read God’s word and to spend time with Him in prayer. The aim is not just informational, but relational.

2. Pray

It is best to begin, even briefly, with prayer. We want to set our focus on Him, acknowledge His greatness, and even ask for help reading His word. There a lot of ways this could look, but here’s one example.

Example: I. O. U. S.

I - Incline my heart to you, not to prideful gain or any false motive (Psalm 119:36) 
O - Open my eyes to behold wonderful things in your Word (Psalm 119:18) 
U - Unite my heart to fear your name (Psalm 86:11) 
S - Satisfy me with your steadfast love. (Psalm 90:14)

*Taken from When I Don’t Desire God by John Piper

Note: Prayer can be audible. Don’t feel like your “quiet time” must be totally quiet.

3. Read  and Consider

Find a passage to read. Reading slowly is best so that you can over the text. After you read, it is best to linger over the text if you want to get the most of your time. It is best to ask questions of the passage. Some examples include:

  • What is the author saying?
  • What does this teach me about myself?
  • What does this teach me about God?
  • How should I respond to what I have read?
  • How will I apply this to my life today?
  • Take time on this step. This should be the longest part of your quiet time.

4. Close in Prayer

Allow your prayer to be shaped by your reading. You prayers can include worship for what you’ve learned about God, help in applying the text, confessing for sin revealed in the passage, or even thankfulness for the Word in God’s character. The are many ways you can do this to make it your own, but it is fitting to speak to God after hearing from Him in His Word.