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About GMI

Grace Ministries International exists as a ministry of Grace Community Church to equip, send, and shepherd our missionaries as they endeavor to make disciples of all nations by means of evangelism, discipleship, church planting and strengthening, leadership training, and Bible translation, through the local church unto the glory of God through Jesus Christ.

Why Missions?

The mission of the church was articulated by Jesus Christ in the Great Commission, to make disciples of all nations unto the glory of God through Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18–20). The book of Acts and the epistles of the New Testament demonstrate that this disciple-making endeavor is carried out through the ministry of the local church (Acts 2:43–47; 9:31; 11:26; 14:23; 1 Timothy 3:15).

Therefore, the mission of the church is to proclaim Christ, seeking to establish and strengthen local churches. Grace Church and GMI are committed to a focus upon church planting, church strengthening and development of indigenous church leadership who will continue the work of the Great Commission to other regions.

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Supporting Your Missionary

To partner financially, please prayerfully consider supporting one of our missionaries or missionary works.


For each contribution, you will be sent a receipt as well as blank contribution form and an envelope to facilitate future giving. All contributions are tax-deductible. For the deduction to be allowed, contributions are to be made with the understanding that GMI (a ministry of Grace Community Church) has complete control and administration of the donated funds.

GMI Direct: This is the electronic-funds transfer-service of Grace Ministries International. Your gift comes directly from your checking account each month. Download the GMI Direct Application.

Mail-in Giving: Make your check payable to “GMI” and mail to Grace Ministries International, 13248 Roscoe Boulevard, Sun Valley, CA 91352. Please specify the name of the missionary on the memo line.


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Lights in the World

Open to our church family. Features a time of prayer for our missionary families.


Thank You from GMI

Grace Ministries International would like to thank our church family for the heartfelt cards and generous financial gifts given to our missionaries via Christmas in September this year.


A New Year, a Renewed Commitment

Missions, as modeled in the book of Acts, is centered on the local church. This paradigm marks the ministry of Paul, the preeminent missionary, from his commissioning as God’s servant to the culmination of his missionary endeavors.