A Caregiver’s Guide

New to caregiving?  Need help navigating the ups and downs of dementia?  This Caregiver’s Guide is a collection of articles designed to help.

The Perfect Care Manager

Overwhelmed with shock and grief after a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, it is natural to be fearful when facing an uncertain future of care management and the long goodbye... More

Education Is the Key to Good Care Management

It can no longer be ignored; your loved one needs help with daily activities. What used to be handled easily is now challenging due to physical limitations and/or cognitive difficulties. More

Assessing Care: Know Your Options

Your loved one’s need for care or assistance cannot be ignored.  Changes are required because the status quo is not working anymore... More

Assessing Care - Navigating In-Home Care

There is no place like home.  We run our homes the way we feel most comfortable and it is our safe place where we can relax and be ourselves. More