Loved Ones Fellowship Room

During our ministry meetings we want to serve the entire family, providing an enjoyable time for the loved ones, as well as the caregivers who need opportunities to interact with each other. The Fellowship/Activities Room will be set up next to our meeting room and staffed with approved Respite Volunteers who are GCC members. They will engage with your loved one with multiple options such as viewing a nature film, drawing, walking around the campus, conversing and working with their hands. We are ready to be flexible. Your loved one may participate for any part or all of the morning, but the most helpful time may be during the sharing around the table as you, give your updates and prayer requests, since it is sometimes difficult to share with your loved one present.  We realize this may take a little time to get used to but we hope you will consider having your loved one involved with our volunteers in the Fellowship/Activities Room.  Of course they may remain with you for the entire time if so desired.  We look forward to serving you however we can.