Dementia Caregiving

From a Biblical Perspective by Dorothy Gable

The author was the primary caregiver for her mother. Sharing their journey together she relates her desire and commitment to provide the most pleasant life possible for her mom.After her mom wentto heaven, Mrs. Gable turned her experience into a valuable tool for those of us embarking on, or in the middle of a caregiving journey with a loved one.As a Christian woman, she chose to care for her mom with attitudes and actions based on God’s “care plan”,as revealed in His Word, for those who need our help. This book is easily readable, highly footnoted, and filled with personal illustrations (including others' stories) and medical explanations in layman’s terms.Pertinent scriptures are sprinkled throughout.The entire journey is covered, starting with a comparison of normal brain aging vs dementia, all the way through to the end of life. (225 pages)

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