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Christian Andresen

Christian & Sheryl Andresen

Berlin, Germany

Christian and Sheryl serve at Eckstein Gemeinde Berlin in the center of Berlin, Germany. Their focus is on raising up national leaders for pastoral and missionary work through the European Bible Training Center.


  • To strengthen the extentions of the church-based European Bible Training Centers in Europe ( or
  • To strengthen the local church, Eckstein Gemeinde Berlin, through teaching, preaching, and discipleship.
  • To support church planting around Europe.
  • To publish sound biblical material, like John MacArthur’s commentary and theology books (

Current Ministry

  • Christian is an elder at Eckstein Gemeinde Berlin and is the dean of the European Bible Training Center (EBTC) in Berlin, Germany; Zurich, Switzerland; Rheinland, Germany; and Vienna, Austria.
  • Sheryl serves in the home, teaches children in Sunday School, and teaches the women from the EBTC in Berlin and Zurich.
  • Christian continues to encourage and train nationals to be pastors and missionaries to their own countries
  • Christian also oversees the conference and publishing ministry of the EBTC and leads the biblical counseling department.


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Berlin, Germany