Rob & Vicki A


Marseille, France

Rob and Vicki A. moved to Marseille, France, in 2003 after spending thirteen years of ministry in Chad, Africa. With their experience in working among Muslims and knowledge of French, they are working in Marseille, the largest port on the Mediterranean and the main point of entry for the multitudes of Muslim immigrants.


To establish biblical churches and train up future leaders in Marseille and the Mediterranean Basin.

Current Ministry:

Rob serves as the Pastor at L’Église Évangélique Action Biblique Marseille. In addition to preaching, Rob also trains church leaders in the Marseille area at ITEA - Institut de Théologie Évangélique Appliquée (The Institute for Applied Evangelical Theology).

Vicki leads the women's ministry and the music ministry at church. She has also developed an English outreach into the neighborhood.

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Marseille, France