Rob & Vicki A

Marseille, France

Rob and Vicki A. moved to Marseille, France, in 2003 after spending thirteen years of ministry in Chad, Africa. With their experience in working among Muslims and knowledge of French, they are working in Marseille, the largest port on the Mediterranean and the main point of entry for the multitudes of Muslim immigrants. They led a team to plant a church in the northern immigrant area of Marseille and turned it over to a national pastor in 2012. Rob also served as pastor of an International church and alongside a Gypsy church until serving as the Pastor at L’Église Évangélique Action Biblique Marseille until June 2022, when he was able to turn it over to national leadership.

Vicki has been active in developing the women's ministry and music ministries at the various churches. She also has an English outreach with the neighborhood youth.


To aid local churches train up future leaders and elders in Marseille and the Mediterranean Basin.

Current Ministry:

He now serves on the European Field Council of GMI and serves as a mentor for younger missionaries in Europe. In addition to preaching, Rob also works with local churches to train the next generation of elders and leaders in the Marseille area.

Several times a year they travel outside of Europe to help train pastors and their wives in developing countries.

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Marseille, France