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Hovig Bajanian

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Ministry Partner: Hovig Bajanian

Yerevan, Armenia

Hovig Bajanian became a believer in Christ at a young age and has served in different areas of Canadian church ministries since 1990, including that of a pastor-teacher. Before heeding the Lord’s call for full-time pastoral ministry, Hovig worked for over a decade as a mechanical designer, primarily in the aerospace industry. He is a graduate of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and The Master’s Seminary where he completed the Doctor of Ministry program in Expository preaching (2018). Since 2017, Hovig continues to oversee the theological verification of Dr. John MacArthur’s translated works in Armenian.

Hovig loves to exposit the Word of God. As an under-shepherd of Christ, his joy is to serve the Lord’s church and mentor like-minded men who would do the same. His passion is to teach and help prepare future pastors and other leaders for the work of the ministry. Hovig is blessed to be married to Sveta (2001) and they have two dear children. Their daughter has joyfully begun studying at The Master’s University while their son looks forward to the same.

While Hovig was pastoring in Canada, the Lord providentially presented the opportunity to the Bajanians to serve with GMI/TMAI in Armenia: the very place where Hovig and Sveta first met and later got engaged. Being both of Armenian descent, and hearing of the need in Armenia for sound biblical teaching in line with expository preaching, the Bajanians prayerfully answered the Lord’s call to minister there under the leadership of Grace Community Church and in partnership with Mount Ararat Bible Church (both in Los Angeles).

Current Ministry

Hovig is currently active in California with preaching and teaching opportunities, as well as presenting the ministry to Armenia to churches and individuals interested in this important gospel work. He is also studying at The Master’s Seminary in the Master of Theology program.

Projected Ministry and Goals in Armenia

  1. Instruct local church leaders through the TMAI-approved biblical training program
  2. Come alongside other church leaders as a fellow shepherd
  3. Minister as a pastor or preaching elder in a local church
  4. Preach and teach in churches
  5. Offer seminars and conferences in churches
  6. Perform theological verification of Armenian translations of biblical resources
  7. Oversee the printing and distribution of translated biblical resources

Ways to Partner with the Bajanians

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Yerevan, Armenia