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Geneva Bible Church

Geneva, Switzerland

Pastor: John Glass

Our Transition in Geneva

By God’s grace, after 13 thrilling and at times challenging years of church-planting, the Eglise Evangélique Internationale de Genève (EEIG) is now fully independent, having hired a senior pastor on September 12, 2021. We have left the church and are now planning on starting a new English-speaking Expat Church in Geneva – launched by the EEIG!

The New Vision: Geneva Bible Church

The English-speaking Expat churches in Geneva I have recommended to people over the years have seen major changes recently, as they have become egalitarian and more and more charismatic in their theological stance.

Several English-speaking people in Geneva, knowing that I speak English, have approached me over the years to ask me to consider starting a theologically conservative English-speaking church in Geneva, whose signature would be in-depth verse by verse expository preaching.

Furthermore, many expats who move to Geneva look for a conservative English-speaking church in Geneva but cannot find one. That is why they default to the churches mentioned above, when in fact they long for a conservative Bible church.

The Uniqueness of The City of Geneva

Geneva has a population of almost 500,000 people, and 1 million for greater Geneva, including neighboring France where over 100,000 people commute into Geneva each day for work. According to the number of staff working for the United Nations, and in the 470 international organizations and non-governmental agencies and diplomatic missions in Geneva is about 33,000 people. Geneva hosted 3,364 international conferences and meetings in 2017 with a total of 221,166 participants. This clearly makes Geneva one of the most international cities of the world largely because of the United Nations being based here. To meet the needs of the English-speaking community in Geneva, several English-speaking churches have sprung up in Geneva, but rare are those that are theologically conservative, and decisively expository in their approach to teaching. Not only is the international community interested in English-speaking churches, but many Swiss and French Christians who live in Geneva and its surrounding area also speak English, and not only wish to attend an English-speaking church but a conservative one as well. This also helps them improve on their English skills.

The Distinctives of Geneva Bible Church

Hence, it does seem that there really is room for a new vibrant, International, and theologically conservative English-speaking church in Geneva, whose signature will be a robust verse by verse expository approach to the preaching of the Word of God, with the goal of proclaiming, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ (Colossians 1:28).

Our Complimentary Ministries in Geneva

This new church-plant would be supplemented by several other ministries:

Calvin Tours

Calvin Tours is a growing ministry I founded in Geneva with purpose of creating a renewed interest in Geneva’s Reformation history. Calvin Tours can be used as an evangelistic and educational tool in Geneva and provide some needed income for some of the guides working for Calvin Tours. Some time back I was asked to give a Reformation tour to fifteen United Nations Ambassadors and their spouses followed by a meal in one of Geneva’s nicest restaurants where I was asked to share my testimony of my conversion experience in India. This again showed me the pertinence of an English ministry in Geneva.

Biblical Counseling

Meg now has her master’s degree in Biblical Counseling and is ACBC certified, opening many prospects of ministry in Geneva. Two couples who will be coming to help us start the church (Jonathan Moorhead and Frank Tetrault) are also ACBC certified. There is something to be done in Geneva with Biblical Counseling.


I have been on the radio in Geneva for 25 years where my French sermons have been broadcasted every week. This could possibly be extended, but this time in English instead of French.


Geneva is already a city of thousands of conferences and meetings. Perhaps we could surf on this feature and organize top-notch conferences a couple of times a year on specific topics that would interest the community. Inviting speakers to Geneva for such conferences should not be too difficult.

The Needed Team for A New Church in Geneva

At this point of our lives having been global workers 38 years, Meg and I are planning our lives in 5-year increments. We can’t do this church-plant alone. The key is creating a team. We have invited two couples so far to come help us, Jonathan and Sharon Moorhead and Frank and Barbara Tetreault. Both have accepted.

Our needs for the new church plant will be:

  1. Preaching and Teaching
  2. Music and Worship
  3. Evangelism and Discipleship
  4. Biblical Counseling
  5. Children’s Ministries
  6. Administration
  7. Communication and Social Media

Budget and Funding for the Church in Geneva

A 5-year diminishing budget has been established and approved by GMI which can be obtained by request. Please write John Glass at

The Timing

Suggested official launch Date: Fall 2023.

Thank you for your interest and investment in this new venture.

In Him,
John Glass

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Geneva, Switzerland