Joseph & Hannah Grewe

León, Spain

In 2020 Joseph graduated with an M.Div from the Master's Seminary, putting a capstone on 10 years of preparation and training in the local church for planting churches in Spain. Joseph and his wife Hannah served in the Spanish ministry at Grace Community Church during their three years in Seminary. During that time, they were equipped by the elders and served in evangelism and evangelism training, and by preaching in the church fellowship groups and teaching a home Bible study.

The Grewes' focus is on planting churches and equipping men for ministry. They will work together in collaboration with Iglesia Evangélica de León (the Evangelical Church of León) in León, Spain, to plant a church in one of the hundreds of population centers in Spain that has no Gospel-preaching church. The Grewes will be working together with the GMI team in Spain as they seek to plant churches and train men for ministry so that Christ is glorified as the Great Commission is carried out through the work of local churches.


Church Planting: Fulfill the Great Commission by planting a church in an un-churched area of Spain.

Training Men: Equip men for pastoral ministry in the context of the local church.

Partner with the Grewes

1. Pray every aspect of our ministry in Spain as we partner with I.E. León to plant a church. Pray for our family as we transition to life in Spain and as the Lord continues to equip us for ministry there.

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León, Spain