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David Perez

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Iglesia Biblica de Monterrey


Ministry Partner: David Perez

Monterrey, Mexico

David and Daryta are from Monterrey, Mexico, they have been married since October 2005, and they have two children, Dary (2007) and David (2010). God called David to ministry in his twenties and at His time and providence, He brought him to TMS in order to be prepared for the ministry, being graduated of the MDiv program in 2022.

David and his wife were trained and served in the Spanish ministry at Grace Community Church under the leadership of Henry Tolopilo and Josiah Grauman. By the mercy of God, David had the privilege to serve as one of the Bible teachers in FOF, Sunday school, home Bible study, and in chapel mid-week Bible studies. David had the opportunity to serve in the conference department as the Expositores Conference administrator. Daryta served in Expositores Conference and Shepherds Conference at the shop and in the Spanish hospitality room. She also had the privilege to serve the elders once a month at the elder’s dinner.

Due to the fact that they are from Monterrey and know the spiritual necessity of the people there, is their desire to continue be part of the church plant in “Iglesia Biblica de Monterrey”, in order to exalt Christ, equipped the saints, and proclaim the gospel.


  1. Church Planting – To continue be part of the church plantation in “Iglesia Biblica de Monterrey”, being involved in the preaching and teaching of the Word of God.
  2. Formal Training – To train nationals to serve as future pastors and leaders in local congregations in the northeast region of Mexico.

Prayer request

  • Faithfulness to the Lord in our Christian lives and in the preaching of the Word of God in order to shepherd His church.
  • Fidelity raising our children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.
  • Wisdom and strength meanwhile we continue homeschooling our children.
  • Contentment in the hearts of our children in this coming season.
  • Confidence and contentment in all the ways that God will provides for our necessities.

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Monterrey, Mexico