Demonstrating the Love of Christ

Mary is facing extremely hard times. She lives with her mother-in-law and cares for her three precious children. Her husband is unemployed, does nothing to help the situation, and is unfaithful to Mary. That seems like enough to make anyone desperate and despondent, but Mary’s hope is unshakable. What keeps her going?

A few volunteers from a local church in Mary’s area visited her family with Children’s Hunger Fund’s “Food Paks” in hand. As these brothers and sisters developed a caring relationship with Mary and her family, they found that meeting physical needs provided an opportunity to meet spiritual needs. As a result of their care and compassion, Mary shared the many difficulties she was going through, and the volunteers were able to pray with her and offer godly counsel. They were able not only to proclaim the love of Christ to her by sharing the gospel; they were able to demonstrate the love of Christ to her by meeting her immediate needs.

Just a few months ago, as a result of this ministry, Mary’s life was drastically transformed. Through the teaching of the volunteers, she acknowledged her sinfulness and received Christ as her Lord and Savior. Though her circumstances are for the most part the same, she is now filled with great joy and clings to an everlasting hope that anchors her soul (Hebrews 6:19). Instead of being bitter or angry, Mary prays diligently for God to work in her husband’s heart and in the hearts of her young children.

Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) is a Christian organization that works to feed hungry children in impoverished regions across America and around the world. What sets CHF apart from other relief organizations is a steadfast commitment to the local church. Rather than simply sending food to various areas indiscriminately, CHF understands that the Bible teaches that the church is to be at the forefront of compassion work around the world. Therefore, they work exclusively with local evangelical churches, supplying them food to take to their needy communities as a platform from which to proclaim the gospel of Christ.

Grace Church has an opportunity to partner with Children’s Hunger Fund and with other churches around the city to demonstrate the love of Christ to those in need. But we need the help of our church family to make it happen. Here’s how you can help:

  • If you haven’t already done so, before you leave church today pick up some empty Food Pak boxes from the tables on the patio.
  • Take them home, and, following the instructions included on the box, fill them with non-perishable food items from the list.
  • Bring the filled boxes back next week (June 3). We will have collection points in different areas of the campus.
  • CHF will work with various local churches (including our own) to ensure that the food you donate feeds needy children and their families and opens a door for the proclamation of the gospel.

This is a very practical and effective way that our entire church family can partner with other local churches and minister to the physical and spiritual needs of our city. It’s exciting to think that donating a few food items can relieve a family’s hunger for a week or so. But it is downright amazing to know that, while that food will perish, we can bring our neighbors the very Bread of Life come down from Heaven, which gives life to the world and satisfies their spiritual hunger forever!