Celebrating 45 Years of Worship with Stephen Sturz

This month, we are celebrating a remarkable anniversary in the life of Grace Church. Our organist, Stephen Sturz, has been ministering to our congregation for 45 years. Stephen started piano lessons at the age of eight and shortly thereafter began playing in church. He went on to study music at Biola University, and then to pursue graduate studies in organ performance at USC, all while faithfully participating in music ministry for the body of Christ.

Stephen came to Grace Church in early 1978, and ever since we have been blessed each week with amazing preludes and postludes; communion services; and hymn, choir, and vocal accompaniments from the organ. In today's era of music, it is rare for someone to have mastered "The King of Instruments" to the degree that Stephen has. Although his abilities and training had prepared him for a successful career as a concert musician, Stephen's heart has always been to serve the church and use beauty and artistry to help people worship our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you, Stephen for your ministry to us and the Lord. We praise God for 45 years of enriching our corporate worship at Grace Church with your profound and beautiful musicianship!

Photos from Stephen's years of faithful ministry:


Stephen Sturz image

Stephen Sturz

Organist - Music Ministry