Sunday Evening Sermon Series

The Twelve: A Study of the Minor Prophets

The last twelve books of the Old Testament are often called the Minor Prophets. We think of them as minor because they are short, mysterious, and filled with judgment—but there is nothing minor about them. These books pack vast theological riches into a short amount of text.

The messages of these books are profound as they wrestle with questions about the nature of God’s love and judgment, His fairness and faithfulness, and His mercy for Jew and Gentile. They span much of Israel’s history, instilling in Israel faith when faced with exile, consolation when encountering defeat, and resolve when wondering if God had forgotten about them. However, the books' impact goes far beyond the time of Israel, shaping the very message of the New Testament—they are quoted by apostles like Matthew, James, Paul, and John, laying the foundation for the nature of faith and repentance. The books also supply prophecy after prophecy about the Messiah’s birthplace, ministry as king and priest, betrayal, death, resurrection, and triumphant return.

Join us on Sunday nights, beginning November 7, as we begin a nearly year-long study on the Minor Prophets, which, as we will see, are anything but minor.

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