Reprobation and God’s Sovereignty

by Peter Sammons

This book is a clear, biblical and very helpful explanation of how our sovereign Lord has ordained that unrepentant sinners receive what they deserve: eternal hell. As with other doctrines that the author deals with in the book, he carefully explains from Scripture “not history, emotions, logic, or philosophy,” but the truth about this doctrine.

Peter Sammons truly accomplishes what he intends to do from the beginning of this book: “not to gain some sort of spiritual edge in an argument, but rather that the believer may have a greater admiration for God that elicits higher praise, reverence, and trust
in who the Bible reveals God to be.” Do you need to strengthen your trust in the Lord and His Word? Read this book. Are you suffering in the midst of a trial? Read this book. Do you need encouragement to preach “the gospel with fervency . . . without compromise,
compassionately, openly, passionately, consistently”? Read this book.

I think the best recommendation for this book comes from the last two phrases of the conclusion: “Studying out difficult truths such as reprobation draws Christians to pursue and know the Holy One yet more. And that alone is the worthiest pursuit any of us will endeavor toward—even through eternity.”

—Luis Contreras, Grace en Español

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