Book Recommendations

As people of the Word, we understand the power of language. Jesus Christ is the living Word (John 1:1), and since the beginning of time, God’s Word has defined and ordered His creation. In the same way, it is words that define and order our thoughts. We’ve asked our elders to recommend some of their own favorite titles; if you’re interested in reading that is both edifying and engaging, be sure to take advantage of these valuable resources.

We Will Not Be Silenced

by W. Lutzer • A sobering account of the forces that are attempting to dismantle our Scriptural values to make way for a godless future.

The Gospel According to Jesus

by John MacArthur • It was there in those pages that I discovered what it means to really follow Christ...

The Death of Death in the Death of Christ

by John Owen • There is no more worthy pursuit in the world than the knowledge of Christ and Him crucified.


by J.C. Ryle • What must we have in order to see the Lord Jesus?

Reprobation and God’s Sovereignty

by Peter Sammons • This book is a clear, biblical and very helpful explanation of how our sovereign Lord...

Christ and Calamity

by L. Senkbeil • James 1:2 instructs us to “rejoice my beloved brethren when you encounter various trials…”

The Holiness of God

by R.C. Sproul • While thoughtfully and carefully written, the book reads easily.

Leading with Love

by Alexander Strauch • At its core, the Christian life is marked by love.

Passions of the Heart

Biblical Counsel for Stubborn Sexual Sins by John Street • Here there is hope: any sin can be forgiven...

A Gospel Primer for Christians

Learning to See the Glories of God's Love by Milton Vincent • At the end of John Newton’s life, he is often quoted for saying...

Praying the Bible

by Donald Whitney • Martin Luther once said that prayer is a difficult yet vital spiritual discipline.