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Grace Church partners with the Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic in Northridge, which seeks to educate and equip women and men facing unintended pregnancies. Open Arms provides free services, education, ultrasounds, baby clothing and furnishings, biblically based pregnancy and parenting classes, and Bible studies for those grieving past abortions. Most importantly, they seek to engage their clients with the gospel of Christ. There are a number of opportunities for volunteer service at the OAPC, as well as needs for male and female Case Managers.

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Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic

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Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic


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Walk for Life

Saturday, October 9, 2021 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM • First Baptist Church, Canoga Park

From the beginning, God had a perfect, beautiful design for humanity. He created people, male and female, to bear His image and reflect His character by ruling over the earth and living in community with others.

Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic


Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic
9535 Reseda Boulevard
Northridge, California