Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic Fundraiser

The Vital Ministry of Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic

The Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic is a Christian ministry offering life-affirming services to those facing unintended pregnancy. Open Arms offers many free services to these people, including pregnancy testing, limited OB ultrasound scans, biblical counsel, prenatal and parenting education, and material resources such as baby clothing and furnishings. Staffed by faithful Christians—many of them members of Grace Church—Open Arms keeps the gospel of Christ central to their entire ministry.

The Baby Bottle Fundraiser helps make it possible to provide these critical services and the hope of the gospel to those who are contemplating taking the life of their child. Each year, the generous members of Grace Community Church raise tens of thousands of dollars through this fundraiser. Whether coins, bills, checks, or credit card, these donations all add up and enable Open Arms to serve those who need support.

One young mother, initially planning to keep her baby at the ultrasound appointment, was wavering because she lacked family support, had financial constraints, and was being told by her friends that she was too young to have a baby. Her counselor at Open Arms assured her that they were there to help her through all of it. They discussed the resources available to meet her physical, emotional, and spiritual needs—including the availability of maternity homes in case her parents asked her to leave their house. She said, “I have needed this kind of guidance my whole life but never had it.”

After expressing our desire to care for her, her counselor asked if she was raised in a particular religion. She said that she was raised Catholic but didn’t follow it anymore because she didn’t want to rely on an outside power but wanted to make herself a better person on her own. The counselor asked, “Where do you get the power to do that?” She said, “That’s the thing. I don’t know.” Her counselor quoted Ephesians 2:8–9 and proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ to her. She replied, “I’ve never heard that before.”

Her son was born a few months ago and she has been consistently attending Open Arms’ parenting classes and receiving items from the baby closet, a real and practical help for both of them.

“They helped me know what to do. I can’t imagine life without my son and I’m so glad Open Arms helped me realized how much I wanted this…how much I needed my son.”

Stories like these show the importance of Open Arms’ ministry and the powerful impact of your generosity. Open Arms is grateful for all the support that Grace Community Church has provided over the years, and we are thankful for their gospel-focused ministry in the battle against the culture of death. Your generous donations to this year’s Baby Bottle Fundraiser will help this ministry continue shining the light of the gospel in the darkness.

Through the month of June, OAPC will be handing out baby bottles for their annual fundraiser. Pick up a baby bottle at the Patio table any Sunday in June, fill it with change, and return it to the Welcome Center. This is a great way to raise support for the vital ministry of the Open Arms Pregnancy Clinic. To donate, visit the Open Arms website.