Pray for Ukraine

Updated May 23, 2022

As the war in Ukraine presses into its fourth month, we ask that you continue to join us in prayer. The need for supplies, medical aid, and help for those who are suffering remains great. 


Prayer Update

Pray for more supplies. TMAI’s European Bible Training Center based in Berlin continues to receive and send much-needed supplies. Recently, they received roughly another 18.5 tons of food. They wrote, “We will be sending this to Ukraine over the coming weeks and are so thankful for God’s provisions for these items.” On top of that, they are printing 10,000 copies of a book about Jesus, delivering 30,000 copies of the gospel of John, and trying to provide 100,000 Bibles to those in need. Please pray for God’s word to bear fruit as it reaches those in need.

Pray for medical aid. “Purchasing and shipping medicine can be very costly and complicated,” EBTC wrote. “Please pray that we are able to get discounts wherever possible, and that shipping is smooth.” Pray also that God would grant wisdom to those responsible for distributing these resources.

Pray for those traumatized by the war. After receiving 200 copies of a Christian book, a former Grace Bible Seminary (GBS) student is now using this resource to equip about 50 people to counsel those who are traumatized from the war. Please pray for God to bless the ministries of these brothers and sisters as they bring hope to those in fear.


War Update

Effects of the war remain severe in many areas. Recent news reports state that Ukrainian combat missions in Mariupol have ceased as the city falls into Russian hands. However, we also received news that some civilian contacts who were trapped in the city had successfully evacuated prior to these developments. Describing another part of eastern Ukraine, one GBS student wrote, “I’ve never seen anything worse. People live in cellars not because they are being bombed, but because they simply have nowhere else to live. At the time of the shelling, there were 32 people in one of the cellars, that is, in a small room smaller than our seminary cafeteria. A young girl gave birth to a child under such terrible circumstances.”

Church ministry continues despite difficult circumstances. One GBS faculty member and his family were blessed to return to their home and resume ministry despite evacuating weeks before. Amidst the devastation, they report that church turnout has been remarkable. “There were about 120–130 people at the service, not counting the children,” he wrote. Regarding a midweek gathering, he said they had “almost a full audience…even though public transportation isn’t running yet.” And more recently, at our team’s facility in Kyiv, several pastors gathered to host a conference designed to “strengthen the faith of our brothers and sisters” with preaching from the Psalms.


Foreign Aid Update

Praise the Lord foreign aid has continued. “Grocery stores and pharmacies are empty,” said a member of our missionary’s church in Ukraine. “Praise God for the help from these brothers and sisters,” he added, speaking of those contributing foreign aid. Our GMI/TMAI missionary also shared the following testimony of how helpful this ministry has been: “I’m reminded of one pastor. When we showed up, he had had no communication with the outside for about four or five weeks. He had no idea we were going to come. He was literally crying when he saw us, not because we brought aid, but because he understood that there are brothers and sisters that care for him—for the Ukrainian people—that they would demonstrate their love to him in a physical way by sending this aid to him.”

Give to the Needs in Ukraine

Our elders are communicating daily with our missionaries as we assess their needs in these difficult times. If you’d like to give toward the church’s disaster relief fund, please use the following form. Any funds donated above what is needed for Ukraine will be used for future disaster relief.