Pray for Ukraine

Updated April 1, 2022

As the war in Ukraine presses into its fifth week, we ask that you continue to join us in prayer. Many continue to remain in danger while thousands of Ukrainians have been forced to flee to neighboring countries.


Prayer Update

Five dear brothers from a church in Mariupol were killed while serving in a bomb shelter. Please pray especially for their wives and children as they grieve this terrible loss.

Please pray for God to grant His peace to the Christians in Kyiv. One of our missionaries there says he does not believe Russia is scaling back their assault on the capital. Shelling has grown more intense in recent days.

By God’s grace, a few ministry partners in Kyiv helped to rescue another group of Christians who were fleeing Russian-occupied territory. While under enemy fire, their transport vehicles were able to intercept this group and bring them to safety.

Pray for a pastor whose church is located to the north of Kyiv. He’s been shepherding his people for weeks without water, heat, and electricity in a city that has taken heavy shelling. Despite all this, we can “praise God that many unbelievers are coming to his church services.”

Another seminary facility in Ukraine where GMI/TMAI missionaries have taught was bombed last week. “Thankfully no one was hurt as the building had been evacuated.”

Please pray for the millions of Ukrainians now living in new countries. Some have left almost all their possessions behind as they’ve fled to unfamiliar places.


European Aid Update

An encouraging report from EBTC in Germany: “In the midst of all the suffering and terrible news, our God is making sure that the good news goes forth and reaches into the war-torn areas. One [vehicle] drove all the way to the eastern city [****]. Many people there are standing in line for some food. They also each receive a gospel book. Please keep praying that many will be saved and will find true peace. On receiving the food and the book, one elderly sister said, ‘Thank you, dear brothers and sisters, for the books. We will read them ourselves and then pass them on.’”


Refugee Update

Several congregations across the region associated with GMI and TMAI have welcomed these refugees with open arms. Our missionaries have given the following updates:

From France

“Our church hosts a Ukrainian congregation in the afternoon, started by refugees, and we are doing everything possible to support them.”

From Germany

“There has been a great network of churches communicating well for those who have left—there are many hosts readily available to take in refugees.”

From the Czech Republic

“The situation is getting worse by the day, and requests for help are coming in by the hour. We are coordinating with like-minded churches to distribute families and are raising funds to purchase essentials since all families are fleeing with only what they can carry.” [This missionary had at one point taken three adults and twelve children into their home.]

From Poland

"God has blessed us with the opportunity to welcome some Ukrainian refugees into our home. One of the families, a mom and daughter, left when explosions made the windows shake in their house. They packed everything up in an hour with no intention to come back to Ukraine. Then they set off, not knowing where they were going!”

“Through the Ukrainian refugee crisis, our church has been able to ‘devote themselves to good works, so as to help cases of urgent need, and not be unfruitful’ (Titus 3:14).”

“As a church…We have rented and equipped three homes for refugees. There is little to no cost for them, depending on their need. Furthermore, many in the church have welcomed refugees into their homes.”

“One of our church members has been assisting with the transport of containers filled with supplies from the US to Poland. Some of the supplies will be used locally, and the rest will be sent to Ukraine.”

“Perhaps 40% of our current church gathering consists of refugees.”

One of our GMI/TMAI missionaries in Ukraine commented, “It is a blessing to see how believers from around Europe are coming to the aid of their brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Praise God for the body of Christ!” May these testimonies encourage your faith and your prayers as the war continues.

Give to the Needs in Ukraine

Our elders are communicating daily with our missionaries as we assess their needs in these difficult times. If you’d like to give toward the church’s disaster relief fund, please use the following form. Any funds donated above what is needed for Ukraine will be used for future disaster relief.

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